Janelle and Ron

“If you’re looking for a good midwife, you’re going to want to run as fast as you can to Cassie. I have never been more thankful for anything in my life as I am to choosing her to be my midwife for my 3rd baby and first Home birth!! She is sweet ! Personable ! Not pushy on anything, gives you all of your options on everything she discusses medically so you can be confident when choosing what would be best for you ! she lets you feel like you are in control of what you want ! Which is how it should be !! There are just so many good things I can say about her as a midwife and even just as a person ! She’s seriously the best and so amazing ! 5 star midwife . She’s skilled and equipped for emergencies too so you can always feel safe ! Best experience of my life was doing a homebirth with her as my midwife !”

Sclena and Zach

“I had a successful homebirth vbac with Cassie after transferring to her late in my pregnancy. I called Cassie desperate for assistance at 39+3 pregnant due to another practice baiting and switching. Cassie listened to me, reviewed my info and agreed to meet with me. I was beyond excited just for the chance to meet with Cassie and attempt this homebirth! I met with her the following day and she was so calm and reassuring. She listened. She was respectful and caring. 6 days after meeting her she attended my birth and helped me birth my second son at home. During what felt like a never ending labor she never wavered in supporting me. I would ask her repeatedly if she still believed we could do this. She always responded with “ you are doing this.” She was so positive and amazing. Even with only knowing her for 6 days prior to my sons birth it was the most empowering experience ever. I am so grateful that I found Cassie and that with her amazing support I had an awesome homebirth after csection . If your looking for a supportive and caring midwife. I recommend Cassie a million times over. I could never thank her enough for giving me this chance. It was an amazing and very healing experience for both myself and my husband.”

Kaitlin and Facundo

“Cassie is truly just an incredible person. Full of passion for what she does, but also very respectful of the family’s wishes. Her prenatal and postpartum care is truly personal, and she was so attentive, but also respectful of my space during my labor. I will forever be grateful for choosing her to provide my care.”

Natalie and Bobby

“Cassie felt like family from the first moment we met. Caring and attentive and always there to answer questions. My husband didn’t get a chance to meet her before the birth and even he was overwhelmed by her genuine kindness. She’s beyond amazing. ❤️😘”

Kassandra and Noel

“My experience with my midwife Cassie was amazing. She is very professional, attentive, and caring. I would recommend her 100% and I plan on using her as my midwife for future pregnancies. She stayed with us for 3 days of labor and was so kind throughout the whole process. I truly miss seeing her every week. Thank you for helping us bring our boy into the world.”

Monica and Kevin

“Cassie’s calm and relaxed demeanor and gentle advice were instrumental in achieving the home birth I desired for my 3rd baby. My favorite part of the whole experience (aside from my beautiful new baby) was when she spent time with my other 2 girls and my sister-in-law, showing them the placenta and offering loads of education. I love how she involved my whole family and shared her passion for home birth and education with them. She truly is wonderful.”