Kaitlin and Facundo

“Cassie is truly just an incredible person. Full of passion for what she does, but also very respectful of the family’s wishes. Her prenatal and postpartum care is truly personal, and she was so attentive, but also respectful of my space during my labor. I will forever be grateful for choosing her to provide my care.”

Natalie and Bobby

“Cassie felt like family from the first moment we met. Caring and attentive and always there to answer questions. My husband didn’t get a chance to meet her before the birth and even he was overwhelmed by her genuine kindness. She’s beyond amazing. ❤️😘”

Kassandra and Noel

“My experience with my midwife Cassie was amazing. She is very professional, attentive, and caring. I would recommend her 100% and I plan on using her as my midwife for future pregnancies. She stayed with us for 3 days of labor and was so kind throughout the whole process. I truly miss seeing her every week. Thank you for helping us bring our boy into the world.”

Monica and Kevin

“Cassie’s calm and relaxed demeanor and gentle advice were instrumental in achieving the home birth I desired for my 3rd baby. My favorite part of the whole experience (aside from my beautiful new baby) was when she spent time with my other 2 girls and my sister-in-law, showing them the placenta and offering loads of education. I love how she involved my whole family and shared her passion for home birth and education with them. She truly is wonderful.”

Erica and Sean

“I have used Cassie’s services for both of my children (born in 2012 and 2014) and consider her a friend after the moments we shared together.  When we met Cassie in person for the first time my husband and I felt comfortable with her and knew that we had this visceral connection.  She became my advocate and empowered me to make the best decisions for me and my body.  Cassie was by my side during my first pregnancy despite the birth not going as planned. Regardless of the outcome she was right there by our sides cheering me through and keeping me calm.  She was also a huge support to other family members who were also a part of that day.

I knew when I got pregnant again that I wanted her there to join us for a second time. I am proud to say that if it were not for her my second labor would have had a different outcome most likely requiring medical intervention (e.g., pain medication).  Cassie kept me calm, sane, empowered and most importantly: focused. She knew what I needed just by my body language during those difficult times and I appreciated that. I believe Cassie’s gentle nature and nurturing spirit is what helps her connect with clients on an emotional level with the hope that they experience the birth they desire. She gave me that.”


Anna and Bobby

“For the labor and delivery of our first biological child and met with many people in our search for a doula. My husband was not completely sure about having a doula until we had our initial consultation with Cassie. Her knowledge and experience, organization and professionalism, and most importantly her friendly and warm spirit put us at ease immediately about the entire process. We knew right away that she was the person we needed to have with us at this intense and exciting moment in our family’s life. She gave us so much useful information about relaxation techniques, explained our roles and walked us through any questions we had. It made such a huge difference being able to call Cassie and get her advice when I went into labor 3 weeks early. Having her confident and reassuring presence at the hospital is something that I’ll never forget. With all my family living in another state and unable to get there in time, I really felt like I had one of my sisters with me. Her words of encouragement and natural intuition of what I needed were such a blessing. Although she couldn’t be with me for part of the labor due to hospital regulation, she communicated with my husband and helped us to lean on each other which was also such a gift. In our first meeting she had encouraged me to start listening to music that I could bring with me to help during labor and it was such an amazing focus tool during the birth of our son Levi and created such a sacred moment when he was born. Birth is so unpredictable and every one is different but with Cassie’s help I was able to have an empowering and beautiful birth experience regardless of the circumstances surrounding us. I tell everyone I know  that is looking for a doula to work with her and will definitely be calling her when we have our next child. We are beyond thankful for you Cassie!”


Leah and Earl

“Cassie was recommended to me by a friend then I looked up her profile on her website. After our first meeting, I loved her easy personality and immediately knew she was the right doula for me. Pre and postnatally she was available to answer all my questions any time of day or night and was very knowledgable. During labour and delivery she never left my side; she was with my husband and I the entire time, a great source of encouragement and motivation to us.  I didn’t use any training.  I read broadly about the birthing process ,watched videos and Cassie was available to answer/clarify any concerns I had. She guided me very thoroughly and clearly on the correct breathing, useful positions, and helped me keep focused on the goal and how to achieve it during the labor and delivery.  On top of all that she was very pleasant when it was time to be pleasant and all business when it was time for that.  A strong and resourceful lady! She has a knack and real talent for what she does.”



Jaime and Jarrett

“Once Cassie decided to pursue a career in assisting births as a Doula, I knew this was the perfect job for her.  Ever since I have known her, she has been moved and inspired by the miracle of birth.  I’m not sure I can count how many friends and family members have requested her by their side for the birth of their child.  Before making this her career, she spoiled so many moms and families during their labor and delivery.  After my first child was born, I thought I would NEVER be able to do that again!  Because I was having an epidural and my husband and I really wanted to experience the birth of our child alone, I thought this would be easy and painless.  So gathered in our small hospital room we only had us, the doctor, and a few nurses (and students), all yelling their directions (what they considered encouragement) to me.  So many decisions were made under my assumption that they had to be done a certain way.  It was NOT easy, NOT painless and NOT the ideal experience.  When I was getting ready to deliver my second child, we knew that we had to have Cassie in the room this time.  She was amazing!  She provided so much comfort and support, while also giving my husband great support and encouraging his role in assisting as well.  She was also given “the go” when I requested to the doctors and nurses that she take lead in giving direction to me when it came time to push.  I received a whole new perspective from her during that difficult time and was able to remain in control and calm.  Because of that experience, and with Cassie by our side again, I was able to go medication free for my 10.9 lb baby boy!  I don’t hesitate at all when I am asked for a Doula recommendation.  Cassie does an incredible job, loves what she does, and has the experience and knowledge to make your birth experience a sweet memorable one!”


Heather and Jordan

“We can’t imagine what we would have done without Cassie as our doula! After
interviewing several potential doulas, we felt an instant connection with Cassie and felt
excited to have her as part of our birth experience. Even though this was our fourth
child, we longed for a natural delivery at a birthing center and really desired the support
of a doula this time around.

As a surprise to us all, our baby decided to enter the world just before 36 weeks. Our
birthing center required that I be 37 weeks along, so we were forced to deliver at a
hospital. When Cassie arrived at my house, I didn’t appear to be in active labor quite yet
but things progressed rapidly and within an hour we were heading to the hospital. We
had such trust and confidence in Cassie that my husband, Jordan (a firefighter/
paramedic), decided to let Cassie drive me to the hospital so she could talk me through
the intense contractions while he followed behind in another car. That car ride was the
most memorable ride of my life! I was in transition for most of the trip and Cassie calmly
encouraged and supported me through each contraction. Upon arrival at the hospital, I
was 10 cm and ready to have our baby! However, the doctors realized that the baby
was breech and called for an emergency C-section. Thanks to perfect timing and
Cassie’s help, the baby came before they could prep me for surgery and I was able to
safely deliver our breech baby boy drug free.

Our son, Asher, was truly a miracle birth and I wouldn’t have made it to the hospital in
time without Cassie. She made all the difference! I highly recommend to her every
pregnant mom and I will be forever grateful to her.