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Giving birth can be one of the most terrifying, or one of the most empowering experiences a woman can have. With the support of an expertly trained midwifery team, a mother-to-be will find that she is not a customer to be rushed through such a profound process, but instead she is valued on her unique journey to creating a beautiful new life. Our midwifery team takes joy in providing encouragement support, partnership and education. We are here to help you embrace your journey through pregnancy with a focus on overcoming fears through education and continual support.

Herbal Consultations

The use of herbs for pregnancy encourages mothers-to-be to participate in the creation of a supportive and nourishing body for both mom and baby to enjoy. However, it is important to understand which herbs help support you and your growing baby, as well as which herbs can cause harm. Many herbs that are generally safe may become harmful during pregnancy. On the other hand, certain herbs often help to improve the quality of your experience, both mentally and physically. Discover which herbs are best for your unique self and your unique journey with our certified clinical herbalist. Connect today to learn more about our herbal consultations.

Mindful Movements

Mindful Movements Sessions are based on techniques adopted from mind-body style practices such as yoga, Pilates, and meditation. Trained and certified in all of the above practices, with specialized pregnancy training to support safe and effective movements for a healthy pregnancy, you’re in good hands during your Mindful Movements session. your sessions will include a customized stretching and strengthening program, with a special focus on preparing the pelvis for your delivery day. Connect with us today to learn more.