OfferingPlacenta Encapsulation, Standard Labs, Water Bath, VBAC Options

Giving birth can be one of the most terrifying, or one of the most empowering experiences a woman can have. With the support of an expertly trained midwife team, a mother-to-be will find that she is not a customer to be rushed through such a profound process, but instead she is valued on her unique journey to creating a beautiful new life. Our midwifery team takes joy in providing encouragement, support, partnership and education. We are here to help you embrace your journey through pregnancy with a focus on overcoming fears through education and continual support.

At Teamwork Birthing, we provide comprehensive maternity care. This includes all prenatal appointments, labs (drawn in office), ultrasounds, labor/delivery support and postpartum care. We believe in offering the highest standards of care with up to date research and education to patients while allowing complete autonomy and individualized care. 

Our global fee is $7,000 which includes all standard labs, your fetal anatomy ultrasound, all perinatal appointments, labor/delivery, the majority of your birth supplies, newborn care, and standard medications for mother/newborn. 

We are in network with Orlando Health and Advent Health insurance (only for Disney or hospital employees)

We also take a limited caseload of Medicaid (Sunshine)